Life is decidedly not kind to Charlie. On top of school, her part time job, taking care of her little brother without anyone realizing there’s no adults in their lives, she now has to deal with James, a self absorbed celebrity who thinks she’s a stalker and… a boy?


Charlie’s to-do list keeps growing. Now she needs to find a new job, stay as far away from James as possible, make sure his friend doesn’t discover all her secrets, deal with ill-meaning classmates and a too well-meaning teacher… Can’t a girl get some rest?!


(in progress)

Despite being exhausted from her new job, Charlie decides to try to put an end to her bullying and confront her classmates.

At least James went from perfectly insufferable to painfully awkward, that’s still something, right?

CHAPTER 1: Meet Charlie

Where we meet our main protagonist and have a glimpse of her very nice school and not so very nice classmates.

CHAPTER 2: Little Lucian

Where we see Charlie's part time job at the library and meet Lucian, her weirdly-articulate-but-still-adorable little brother.

CHAPTER 3: Unwelcome rescue mission

Where Charlie tries to help James escape some paparazzi and it backfires, somehow.

CHAPTER 4: The pervert and the leprechaun

Where James meets Lucian and doesn't know what to think.

CHAPTER 5: Girl in a mission

Where Charlie has to bring some books to the uni building and crosses path with Louis and James.

CHAPTER 6: The princess and the ostler

Where Charlie helps a little lost girl find her brother before realizing that it was a huge mistake.

CHAPTER 7: One lousy rainy day

Where James stumbles upon Charlie's workplace and is in for blood.

CHAPTER 8: Sandy, was it?

Where Charlie tries to help a classmate from getting scammed and somehow, it still wasn't a good idea.

CHAPTER 9: Good resolution

Where Charlie gets hurt at school and thinks she's being bullied, James decides not to follow her anymore but still does when he sees her at the cemetery, and Charlie takes a trip down memory lane thinking about her late mother.

CHAPTER 10: Morning mail

Where Lucian and Charlie get a letter from their dad and where Louis witnesses Charlie being bullied at school.

CHAPTER 11: They keep calling you a boy

Where Charlie faints and Louis has to bring her to the infirmary. (also where we get more info about the suspicious absence of Charlie's father in her life)

CHAPTER 12: His number one fan

Where Louis gives a bit of context to James's backstory.

CHAPTER 13: Brothers-in-arms

Where James and Charlie fight thugs together but still think the other is the real enemy.

CHAPTER 14: The boyish type

Where Fitz gives Charlie a new job.

CHAPTER 15: Code red

Where Professor Collins suddenly decides to drop by the Summers household.

CHAPTER 16: Mishap

Where Charlie is sick and somehow James is the one to take care of her (which is a terrible idea).

CHAPTER 17: Now that we're friends

Where Charlie confronts her bully and isn't ready for the result.

CHAPTER 18: Impromptu picnic

Where James, Charlie, Louis and Lisa have lunch at the market as if they were long time friends and no one finds it normal except for Louis who probably orchestrated the whole thing.

CHAPTER 19: The Main ingredient is love

(Ongoing) Where James arrives at the Summers' residence to celebrate Lucian's birthday.