Here’s a Q&A session recorded in 2021 where I answer quite a bit of questions (hover over the timeline to go directly to the parts that interest you). Or you can skip it and read through the written F.A.Q below, where I summarize the main topics (and answer other questions) while regretfully skipping over the jokes.

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One page every Friday at 9.30am PST, except if it’s a volume/chapter cover or an interchap drawing, these are updated on Mondays in addition to the actual page.


I sometimes do “surprise double updates months” where I upload 2 pages per week but it’s only when I reach 20 pages of buffer instead of 15 so don’t count on it, it’s very rare.

Yes! I explain it all here!

Yep! Click on the bookmark button at the bottom of a page, then you’ll see a bookmark icon appear in the menu. The next time you come to the website, you just have to click on the icon in the menu to be taken back to your bookmarked page! Note that the info is stored on your end which means that the bookmark will disappear if you clear your cache 🙂

Not for now, sorry, with my full time job, this is the only rhythm I found that doesn’t burn me out :/

Hopefully I’ll find a way to hire someone to help me someday!

I’m a sucker for the “girl mistaken for a boy” trope but I got a bit fed up with how it was portrayed in the shojo mangas and kdramas I’ve read/seen. In a lot of them the girl is cool whenever people think she’s a guy, then goes back to being a complete spineless, blubbering, crying mess who needs the main guy to save the day as soon as her real gender is discovered. I decided to try to take my own take on this trope (and a lot of other cliches I love) with a main character that I could actually relate to, personality-wise.

It’s supposed to be somewhere in the UK but it’s not really relevant to the story so as you might have noticed, I didn’t make a big effort at making the architecture “UK-like” and just considering that HM takes place “in a coastal city somewhere in Western Europe” is perfectly fine.

I use Scrivener for the script and Clip Studio Paint and a Wacom Cintiq 22HD for the drawing part. As for the font, it’s a custom one I made using the website Calligraphr, which I highly recommend if you want to make a font (it’s very easy and intuitive)

Yes! English isn’t my first language so I really appreciate it when someone kindly points out any mistake I made. Please leave a comment below said page so that I can fix it!

You can read it on WEBTOON (monthly updates) or Tapas but note that they’ll always be at least one page behind from here. Or, if you’d like to be one more page ahead, then you can read it on Patreon!

I print the volumes whenever they’re complete but since I can’t really afford to take care of all the logistic that goes with managing stocks, selling, shipping etc, they’re only available in conventions for now. Also sending them overseas means paying more in shipping fees than in books so… not the best. But I hope I’ll find a good way to sell them online one day and when that happens, you’ll be the first to know about it!

Tough question. For now you can, but there are some ground rules :

  • You do not make money out of it.
  • You make it clear that it’s a fan-made translation not endorsed by the author (since I cannot check that what you wrote is correct)
  • You credit me and add an easy to find link to this website.
  • You do not put it on platforms where you have to be the complete owner of the work you upload, or on platforms where I already post HM.
  • You do not upload it on websites of dubious content (I don’t want to see my comic’s cover next to some hardcore nsfw content).
  • If I ever tell you to take it down for whatever reason, you take it down, no questions asked.
  • If I ever make an announcement saying that I don’t want fan translations floating around anymore, you take it down.
  • If you see that I’ve ended up releasing an official translation of the language you translated it into, then you take it down (and ideally give the link to the official translation to your readers cause you’re a nice person). For now it exists in English and in French.
  • You do not ask me to give you the high quality files cause I won’t give them (treat it as a good ol’ scanlation)

Translating a full comic is a ton of work, even if I don’t count the actual translation part. Like, translating the dialogues is one thing, but then I’d have to replace them all on each files, export it again, replace them in the scrolling format as well, upload them on the website etc. (and also work on my font so that it has all the relevant characters…). So for now, I’m not planning on translating my comic other than in French.
If I ever do, I’ll look for a professional translator and find a way to pay them because I don’t support free labor (so please, stop offering me to do it for free, even if it’s super sweet of you and goes straight to my heart).

Well, talking about Humor Me to your friends is super helpful (sharing is caring and all that jazz :D). And if you’d like to help financially (for print runs, or maybe help me hire an assistant some day, who knows), Patreon is the best way to go about it!

marvin.wackadoodle@gmail.com! Please specify in your email if you’re okay with me adding it to the fanworks gallery and if so, add the name and link you’d like me to use to credit you 🙂 (this last part isn’t mandatory, you can give a name with no link or even ask me to add it under “Anonymous” if it makes you more comfortable)

More questions?