Humor Me

Humor Me is a feel good, slice of life story about a high schooler trying to juggle all the curved balls life keeps throwing at her face. Between keeping her scholarship and her side job, raising her little brother without social services noticing they live on their own, avoiding the attention of her famous and rich classmate who thinks she’s stalking him… Is her to-do list ever gonna stop growing?

If you like the following tropes, chances are you’ll like this story!

# poor scholarship student surrounded by disconnected rich classmates
# girl mistaken for a boy
# siblings relationships

# arrogant punchable famous rich dude

# that one very weird friend who probably works secretly for MI6
# found family (kinda)
# very slow burn romance pride and prejudice style
# butler café

# sarcasm

I started publishing this story in 2015 and have been uploading one page every Friday ever since.

As a result, like in a lot of indie webcomics, you’ll see a bit of an evolution art-wise, especially since I like experimenting with new brushes and styles every few chapters or so 🙂

If you want to be one page ahead of everyone else, don’t hesitate to join the community on patreon! You can also find it on Tapas and Webtoon but they’ll always be at least one page behind :p


(The chapters page contains all the pages of the comic organized by volumes and chapters with a brief, spoiler-free summary of each chapters. The Where did I stop? page contains detailed spoiler-full summaries of each chapters, in case you came back after a break and can’t remember where you left off.)

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