7 thoughts on “VOLUME 1. COVER

  1. I started reading this on tapas a couple years ago and absolutely adored it. But got busy and it was lost like a good book on my shelf. And my sister, a loyal reader, told me about the site and I’m excited to reread and catch up on all I’ve missed.

    1. Welcome back! 😀

  2. I started reading on Tapas first around 8 years ago now and have always looked forward to Fridays. Your website is beautiful thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into it. I love reading this story.

    1. Oh wow you’re one of my oldest readers, thank you so much for keeping up for so long!

  3. I LOVE ITTT 😭

  4. This is truly one of my favorite comics. I love it so much 😍

  5. I reread this all the time! I never get sick of it 😀

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