AKA: The "who's that again?" page.

Main characters

♦ Charlie ♦

Full name : Charlie SUMMERS

Age at the start of the story : 17 y/o

Role : She’s the main protagonist of the story, a high-schooler in her senior year who looks very androgynous and since she wears the male uniform for practical reasons, people think she’s a boy, but she doesn’t really care. Her goal is to lay low and never have to interact with them anyway. She’s the type to avoid conflict at all cost but when faced with no choice, she knows how to stand for herself.

     Her life revolves around her brother and she’s very bad at interacting with people without resorting to heavy sarcasm and improbable feats of acting (which she’s pretty good at).

♦ James ♦

Full name : James, Dorian, Laurence HARDFORD

Age at the start of the story : 19 y/o


Role : He’s the embodiment of most people in Charlie’s school (he goes to the University part) : he’s very rich and a bit (a lot) of a prat.

In addition to being an heir to an influential family, he’s also famous for his modelling. At the beginning of the story, James is a bit immature, very paranoid and doesn’t seem to see the consequences his actions have on Charlie’s life. He has an older brother and a younger sister, is apparently pretty bad at school and passionate about photography.


♦ Lucian ♦

Full name : Lucian SUMMERS

Age at the start of the story : 3,5 y/o


Role : Lucian is Charlie’s three-almost-four-year-old brother. Like his sister, he’s pretty terrible at socializing with his peers, especially since he’s a vocabulary sponge and talks a lot better than any kid his age. Other than this particularity, he’s a little blonde ball of sunshine, always optimistic (especially when it comes to his dad) and loves his sister fiercely (even though he always seems to forget that she’s in fact a girl).


Full name : Louis, Edgar, Alistair THORNBERRY

Age at the start of the story : 19 y/o


Role : Louis is James’s best and only friend since they were kids, and the son of the school’s principal. He likes thinking out of the box, meddling in people’s lives and knowing everything about everyone. He takes an immediate interest in Charlie right after meeting her since she looks like a perfect way to bring chaos into his and James’s lives. He’s not a bad guy but his love for drama makes it easy for him to sometimes forget about other people’s feelings.

♦ Fitz ♦

Full name : Fitzgerald, Francis MONTGOMERY

Age at the start of the story : 21 y/o


Role : Fitz is a waiter at Isaac’s, a local Butler Café. He’s a very friendly guy who, like Louis, is a bit nosy but in a good way. He loves making new friends and is a hard worker, very loyal to his friend Isaac, the coffee shop’s manager. He loves watching Charlie act and took an immediate liking to her, putting on his big brother shoes to try to lower her burdens.

♦ Lisa ♦

Full name : Lisa, Daphne, Annabel HACKMAN

Age at the start of the story : 17 y/o


Role : She’s a rich annoying and popular girl in Charlie’s class, willing to do anything to get closer to James, even if it means befriending Charlie. She’s impetuous and a bit vain but when she starts caring about people, she can put all her enthusiasm into meddling with their lives, so that they fit into the mental novel she’s sure they all live in and get their happily ever after.

♦ Isaac ♦

Full name : Isaac, Thomas DAVIS

Age at the start of the story : 24 y/o


Role : He’s the manager of “Isaac’s butler café” and Fitz’s friend. He’s a nice guy who alternates between hard work and very sudden impromptu naps. He’s also the type who doesn’t say much but observes a lot and doesn’t hesitate to raise his voice if need be, especially for the sake of his employees.


Full name : Jason, Matthew SUMMERS

Stage Name : Jason HIDES

Age at the start of the story : 38 y/o


Role : He’s Charlie and Lucian’s dad, a man-child with no sense of responsibilities. Unable to get past the death of his wife, he left his kids about 3 years prior, when Charlie was 14 and Lucian 1, and sends them letters and money from time to time, without giving them a way to reach him back. He thinks they can access his bank account to take whatever they need there (which they can’t). Since he fled, he became a famous actor in the US and Charlie doesn’t know if he ever plans on coming back.

♦ Claire ♦

Full name : Claire, Elise SUMMERS


Age at the start of the story : deceased


Role : She’s Charlie and Lucian’s mother who passed away 3,5 years before the beginning of the story. She was very level headed and efficient, but also loving and kind, despite a healthy penchant for sarcasm (which she passed on to her daughter).

♦ Mrs Pence ♦

Full name : Catherine PENCE

Age at the start of the story : 72 y/o


Role : She’s Charlie and Lucian’s neighbour and has known them their whole lives. She knows the situation they live in and as a result tries to help in any way she can (short of alerting social services). She babysits Lucian whenever Charlie needs her to and sees the SUMMERS siblings as her grand-children.

♦ Professor Collins ♦

Full name : Adrian, Benjamin COLLINS

Age at the start of the story : 35 y/o


Role : He’s Charlie’s previous literature teacher at Hillgate. Despite sometimes taking a bit advantage of the light friendship they have, he values her talent in literature and ends up really caring about her well being. As a result, he starts getting a bit nosy about her home life, to Charlie’s profound dismay.

♦ Amy ♦

Full name : Amelia, Josephine HARDFORD

Age at the start of the story : 6 y/o


Role : She’s James’s little sister, a cute, bossy little girl who likes dressing up and has no problem talking her mind. Even if she admires her brother a lot, she has no qualms berating him when she thinks he’s in the wrong.

♦ Eugene ♦

Full name : Eugene, Daniel  WRIGHT

Age at the start of the story : 4 y/o


Role : He’s Lucian’s nemesis at the daycare center, always doing his best to be in the spotlight and belittle Lucian. Maybe deep down it’s Lucian’s attention he really wants?

♦ Miss PENNY ♦

Full name : Penelope, Sylvia ANDERSON

Age at the start of the story : 29 y/o


Role : She’s Lucian’s teacher at the daycare center. She’s nice and well meaning but often gets a bit overwhelmed by Lucian’s atypical vocabulary and way of reasoning. She loves her job and can’t stop talking about it, when given the chance.

♦ The Paparazzi ♦

Full names : Gracie CLARK and Rupert MILLER

Age at the start of the story : not provided


Role : They’re the reporters who harass James the most fervently. Gracie is the leader and writer while Rupert is the photograph who follows Gracie because he’s got a family to support, even though he’d literally like to do about anything else.

♦ Grant ♦

Full name : Harold GRANT

Age at the start of the story : not provided


Role : He’s the caretaker at Hillgates. He doesn’t care much for teenagers and makes it obvious to Charlie who is the only one who can’t run to her rich parents to defend herself and get him fired.