Marvin’s recs

Here you’ll find some personal recommendations of Webcomics that I love and have their own websites, so that I can help a bit with their discoverability 🙂 

I know a lot of them are from Hiveworks but I still think they could use a bit of help getting better known as they aren’t on the big platforms.

If you’ve read them already, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and if you have any recommendations of your own, put it in the comments section as well! (but stick to comics with their own website, no Webtoon originals or stuff like that, we’re looking for indie warriors here!)

by Nicole Mannino


Slice of life – Romance – Comedy – LGBTQ+


     Julian is in love with famous romance novelist Sydney Morgan. Problem is, he doesn’t know who they are, which won’t speed along their marriage. To help him, his friend Isaiah enrolls Landon, the Godfather of High school (and old nemesis of Julian) to find the author’s secret identity!

Why I think you should read it

     It’s hilarious and very sweet. Lots of improbable situations and disguises (especially mustaches) that evolve into deep characterizations and very cute and heartwarming moments.

by Star


Adventure – Coming of age – Battle manga – Fantasy


     Ren is an innocent, softhearted boy who suddenly finds himself in Hell after accidentally falling off a school rooftop. He is then forced to partake in a tournament full of powerful and vicious beings in order to attain his only way of going home: an all-powerful wish from the ruler of Hell himself.

Why I think you should read it

     It’s super epic and very well paced (and also the art is veeeery good 😀 It’s in black and white with screentones at the beginning but got coloured in the most recent chapters.)

by Mei


Adventure – Romance – LGBTQ+ – SF/Fantasy


     In the year 2044, “Demifloras”(humans that have developed inhuman abilities), are targeted and harvested for their pricey body parts. Iris Black, a Demiflora that possesses the ability to bring his drawings to life, is sheltered in a correctional facility. Outcasted for his inability to suppress his powers, he yearns to find a place that accepts him for who he is. His chance comes one night when a daring outsider sneaks into the lab.

Why I think you should read it

     Very endearing characters and incredible art. The story is also very well fleshed out with top notched world building!

9 thoughts on “Marvin’s recs

  1. I’ve read This is Not Fiction, so I’m looking forward to checking the others out! I would recommend Urban Animal. The art is great and it’s a really cool fantasy adventure.

    1. I’ll look it up, thanks for the rec!

  2. The glass scientists by Sage Cotugno was my gateway webtoon lol, it’s really good! It’s basically about Dr. Jekyll running a sanctuary for mad (rogue) scientists, and navigating life with his alter ego

  3. Thanks for these recs Marvin! And seconding for Tiger, Tiger 😀
    Theia Mania is a beauuuutiful rendering of some Greek Myths around the Dread Queen, the characters are earthy and it’s always well researched (sometimes interesting bits about the reseach are shared in the author comment!) It’s like a cool crisp breeze cutting thru a muggy room ♡ (nb: can be sweary, and not always SFW)

  4. Countdown to Countdown is really good! It’s got engaging characters and incredible art, so it’s cool that it’s on here! Another one of my favorites is Mias and Elle, which is kind of a slow-burn romance set in another world. The main characters are trying to escape and it’s pretty awesome

  5. Tiger, Tiger by Erika Nordlund is also really epic: awesome art & worldbuilding and lots of swashbuckling adventures of an endearing and crazy heroine!

  6. Oh I’ve been looking for some good webcomics! 🙂

    I’d really recommend ‘The Property of Hate’ by Sarah Jolley –
    The characters and setting are lovely in my opinion.

    1. Thanks for the rec, I’ll definitely look it up as soon as I find the time! (Just skimmed it, it looks pretty cool so far!)

    2. I love that series so much! Just ordered the print copies!

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