Make your own paper Charlie :)

Hello ! Some of you might have seen this on my instagram or twitter account (I’ll call it twitter forever, sorry) but you can now make your own paper Charlie at home !


It was designed by my friend @Nils_the_robin who is a master of paper crafting (visit his instagram to see all his incredible paper birds, they’re just so pretty!) and he was nice enough to publish a free pdf with detailed instructions on the website paper maker in case some of you wanted to try your hand at making your own Charlie.

The website’s interface makes it really easy to understand how to build the model and you can easily deactivate the colors if you’re using colored paper.


So if you’re interested, here’s the free model !


And if you make one, Nils is very interested in your feedback so please leave a comment under the model on the website. And please send me some photos of the result 😀


Happy crafting!

Love ♥


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