Oh wow, a website!

     Well, here we are! My very first website! Took me months but it’s finally sort of ready (I keep thinking it’s gonna break in like a week or something… let’s hope not.)


     I wanted a space were I could show you not only the pages of Humor Me but also have some neat galleries (the fanworks gallery is my favourite page by far, please go visit it, it’s awesome), an F.A.Q, behind-the-scenes stuff, well organized patreon extras… and a way to help you remember where you were in the story if you don’t (and don’t want to re-read it all).

I mean, I don’t know about you but that’s the n°1 reason I keep dropping comics, because there’s no easy way to find where I stopped. So here you are : chapter summaries, (with and without spoilers), characters descriptions, an easy-to-navigate archive and even a bookmark function! You dreamed it, it’s here ! (let’s calm down.)


     And I don’t know, I’m a bit tired of the frenzy that goes with big platforms, algorithms, injunctions to produce and reach numbers… So I wanted to make a chill space just for me and my closest readers, those willing to leave the big platforms to go have a curious look at my little website (or want to be one page in advance of everyone else – except the Patreon cool kidz of course, they’re two pages ahead now!) I have the feeling we’re gonna be like… 3 or something, but it’s fine 😀


     Anyways, back to the website! It’s mobile responsive so you can read the pages anywhere, the Friday pages will now be in scrolling format if read from a smartphone or tablet. It’s also fully billingual so if you ever wanted to learn French, now’s the time! You just have to switch the website’s language in the menu to read the comic in French!

And if I ever find the way to sell the physical copies of HM (or some merch like t-shirts) it will be here too so… stay near… just in case ♥

I’d love to hear your feedback, like how you find the navigation, the fonts, design (my brother says the background on the desktop version is too crowded… maybe I’ll change it… someday) etc. And if you find any mistake too (broken links, images, mis-redirections…) please leave a comment as well! I’m aware some pages take a bit of time to load but I’m not sure I’ll manage to fix it :/

And finally, I’d like to thank Steven and Margherita for their kindness and patience guiding little noob me through the maze that is website-making, as well as Leetoo the developper of Toocheke (this very neat webcomic theme) who so kindly worked to tweak his theme so that I could do exactly what I wanted with it.

Hope you’ll like the website!


Love ♥