Other work

The Monster Under My Bed

by Marvin.W

“When her brother suggests there might be a monster under her bed, Sasha finds the perfect solution to avoid this unwanted scenario : start sleeping there herself to make sure the place is already taken!”

     The Monster Under My Bed is a feel good short story featuring siblings, too intelligent children, weird ways of making friends and a healthy dose of sarcasm.

But to differentiate it from Humor Me, know that there’s also a cute monster, a magic bed, a crown and an unhealthy fixation on scissors.

It’s 4 episodes long in scrolling format and fully colored.

     I wrote and drew it in 2020 for WEBTOON’s Short story contest, right when the first lockdown brutally gave me more free time than I knew what to do with (it was that or make my own bread all day, and it definitely wasn’t that good.).

Thanks to everyone’s incredible support, likes and comments, it caught the eye of some of WEBTOON’s editors and won the contest in the Heartwarming category (which is why it’s not on this website, as it was officially published by WEBTOON soon after and now belongs to their collection).

As a result, it got adapted as a 9 min animated short film produced by WEBTOON and animated by Rooster Teeth studios in 2021!

(but read the comic first or you’ll get spoiled!)