Easiest costume ever for Charlie :D

Ps : I got a little Charlie collection from Piclez the other day! Isn't she cute?


11 thoughts on “CHAPTER 20. P04

  1. Am I tripping or did the art style slightly change? Its got more of a manga feel now if that makes sense? I think it’s the inky-er than usual line art and the classic manga patterns on the characters and souroundings. I can’t remember when exactly it started because it always had some manga resemblance being a black and white comic but the manga influence has definitely increased lately. And honestly I dig it, looks great. More polished? Not that i didn’t like it before but still, awesome! 🖤

    1. Eheh, nice catch, that’s the first time I try to ink my pages traditionally and it made me wanna try to use full black a lot more. So it got a bit more “black and white” and a bit less “greyscale” compared to before. I’m also trying to use less different types of greys and to limit a lot more how much I “color” the details and the backgrounds which makes it both slightly faster and a bit more legible, maybe? So yes, definitely drawing inspiration from manga technique! Though I’m mainly experimenting and having fun, chances are next chap is gonna be completely different (I’m thinking full traditional pencil maybe… I’ll see)

  2. Best part of Lucian’s costume is that he is masked as an angel. This is what demons really do, they are seductive and beautiful at a first glance, aiming to lie and decieve

  3. Low-key, Lucian is the best at scaring people

  4. The best part about Charlie’s costume is that she doesn’t need any makeup to make herself look dead

    1. Exactly 😀

  5. That couple (?) is kinda cute! XD

  6. Wait a minute? How did Lisa get Charlie’s Cell phone number? Lol 😂

  7. Excited to see how Charlie reacts to Lisa calling her. Also I admit, I expected to see James or Lucian. Forgot about Lisa. Excited for next week!

  8. Oh no, I forgot who Lisa is.
    *checks chapter list*
    Ah yes the rich girl who wanted to use a manga as a script to ask out James

    1. omg thanks for checking I completely and confidently mixed her name up with James’ sister’s name

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