Oh my, what happened, Louis?

Ps : New fanart from MatrixTrixie! Colored this time! I love it, she looks so cool :D


20 thoughts on “CHAPTER 20. P05

  1. Oh Lisa’s costume is amazing!

  2. I really hope that’s a wig and not Louis real hair. Lisa’s costume is real cool. And Charlie looks even more tired that usual, what a surprise!

    1. That’s his real hair, sorry 😀

      1. Please let his hair grow out😭

  3. I was wondering why Louis would hang out with Lisa but I just remembered he likes fun people and Lisa is anything but boring

  4. OMG! We are about to get the coolest interaction between Lucian and Louis!!

  5. It pleases me to no end how dressed up Lisa is and how into it she is and how simple Louis Is dressed, and how weird his hair is to be straight

  6. WAIT IS LOUIS DRESSED UP AS CHARLIE?? (I think I’m delusional)

    1. I THOUGHT THE SAME THING!! (we can be delusional together)

      1. IK!! also he could be dressed as a normal person or something ahhh! (let us be delusional together LOL)

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