Oh my, what happened, Louis?

Ps : New fanart from MatrixTrixie! Colored this time! I love it, she looks so cool :D


20 thoughts on “CHAPTER 20. P05

  1. Oh my gosh did Louis dress as Charlie?! 🤣🤣

  2. They’re backkk (where’s the monocle, Louis?)

  3. MonochromaticMatt

    Also I love how Charlie is not the least bit surprised when the Lisa and Louis just…found her. No context, no trying to meet up, no way of knowing where she is, but they just…know. And Charlie is like, yep, that follows.

  4. MonochromaticMatt

    Louis’ costume: a normal guy

  5. Lisa I love you

  6. Therapist: Flat Haired Louis isn’t real, he can’t hurt you.

    Flat Haired Louis:

  7. Let me guess your guys costume. Charlie is the masked detective. Lisa is a walking zombie and a Louis is his jockey cousin:D

    1. I think Charlie is a vampire you can see his tooth in the 4. panel in the last chapter

  8. Louis my beloved!!
    He is probably is a costume of a “normal person” 😭😭

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