You think you're helping James, but you're really not...

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  1. We stan charlie

  2. So just to help you out.
    Say she is a late bloomer.

    My daughter got me on to your comics. I love to see what my kids are reading and I love them. So cute and funny.
    Just for a referencé on the »late bloomer » My mother did not “start” …. Until she was 17 with her being able to get away with looking like a boy. It works. My mother was a model for jcp back in her day and she was flat skinny and 5’8 it totally works. Then there is no time of the month to conceal. Also kids are left allows all the time like that. When I was a kid. My older sisters would watch us weeks on end while my parents were gone. Of course they did not have to work to feed us. but they could just keep living like that. No one would contest it, unless the school steps up and sees what’s going on. But if she is stable and no problems. Then they won’t.

  3. Charlie girl I know you dont trust him totally yet its too soon but I hope one day you found enough friendship to tell your story and unload all that shit you carry all alone.

  4. You’re in Charlie’s house James…You gotta listen to her.

  5. Hi you don’t have to respond if you don’t want to but I had two questions. First question is: once Charlie turns 18 would it be possible for her to adopt Lucian? I don’t know the laws so I was just curious if she would be able to get custody of her father did sign away his rights or something. The second question is how does she hide her period. Me personally I get super emotional on my period and for the first few days I have bad cramps. I could not imagine having to hide that from everyone around me. Also how does she get period supplies without ever running into classmates or teachers? And period products aren’t exactly the most discrete the wrappers are quite loud so how does no one in the bathroom question anything? And in most place where I live there is not trashes in men’s stalls for period products to go in. Ps I have been following this story for years and it’s one of the highlights of my week.

    1. Hi! I think she’d technically be able to adopt her brother but social services might still declare her unfit because of how young she is or the fact that she wouldn’t yet have a stable job or because she’d have had to break the law to keep the absence of their dad a secret… Loads of reasons. As for her periods (funny how often I get this question), let’s say she’s part of the lucky girls who barely feel them (or if she does, considering how much of her feelings/tiredness/pain she has to hide on a daily basis, she’d probably be good at hiding that too but let’s not make her suffer more than she already does and say she has painless periods) and she’d totally be the type to use reusable products because it’s way cheaper in the long run and a lot more practical too (no need to go to the store to restock, to find a trash bin, to have a bag to store them in…).
      So yeah, I’ll admit her periods never factored as a big handicap for her in my head when I started writing this story 😀

      1. So I was wondering about the period thing too, and I’d like to ask what would happen if she got it two days earlier than expected. Would she be prepared for that?

        1. Considering how pragmatic and organized she is, I’d say she would be prepared, yes 🙂

  6. I JUST BINGEREAD THIS COMIC IN ONE GO AND I AM !!!! AMAZED AT HOW GOOD THIS IS. Hello The Author I don’t know if you read the comments but either way thank you so much for drawing and sharing this comic it’s simply amazing. Spectacular. Showstopping. World-changing. I am loving every panel of it. The characters are all MUAH I love them all so much, especially Louis he is SUCH a little weirdo and I love him with all my heart CHARLIE Charlie my sweet boygirl Charlie (and I am only now realising that this is also my sibling’s name, life is strange like that) and Lucian just. Just. Aughhhh I am spinning them round and round and round and I will be eagerly waiting for the next update!! Keep up the good work, I love seeing it so much!!! The depth and the plot and the characters and their relationships and I am losing my mind and I don’t know where to stop but just. ARRRRRRH

    1. Thanks for giving it a try and for leaving such a nice comment ♥♥♥ (I do read every single one of them btw, even if I don’t answer to them all). Hope you’ll like what’s to come!

  7. James missing the ability to read the room part 645
    Thanks sm for the update!

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