James is like "I see what you're doing here..."

9 thoughts on “CHAPTER 19. P30

  1. The way that James smiled is cute and how he looked at Charlie

  2. James’ fond smile is everything!! He clearly tried this method with his little sister. It’s cute that they can bond over being older siblings.

  3. Ah Charlie you manipulative older sister 🤣 I can so relate (i too have some bratty underlings)

  4. Charlie is such a good sibling🥹

  5. Juliana [Mermista]

    Cute, Charlie

  6. Haha 10/10 parenting

  7. I have used the same method to tease my siblings out of tantrums

  8. I always forget to like the episode on this website 😭

    1. It’s kinda mind-blowing to think how their dynamic changed…

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