As the French say James : "Critic is easy but Art is hard."

And also : new fanart from Isabelly!


16 thoughts on “CHAPTER 19. P37

  1. The art style, the lineart, the details, the gradients, the brushes, the story, the characters, ZA HUMOR!!! ahhhhhhh this comic is too amazing

  2. It just occured to me that maybe this is something she did often with either her mom, dad, or both, and she’s passing the tradition down to lucian

  3. Aah I love this comic so much! I stopped using tapas some time ago, but I would redownload it from time to time to keep reading Humor Me. So reading it in the website is a blast! Also I just reread the whole thing and the details and consistency are incredible!

    1. Don’t know about consistency but I do love details 😀 Thanks for keeping up with my story all this time (and for the re-read! :D)

  4. I don’t know if this is to teach Lucian some valuable critical thinking, or because they’re geniuses and geniuses be crazy and lack some common sense

  5. I think even James could bake a better cake. 😆

    1. Not so sure about that considering his skills with garlic 😀

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