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29 thoughts on “CHAPTER 19. P33

  1. I just reread this whole thing, and you can’t fool me, Peter! You directly caused that head injury!

  2. I Love this episode, it’s SO CUTE, Little Lucian sitting on the stairs and not having any socks despite it being his excuse <3 I also adore that Lucian is so smart but still a kiddo with little kiddo emotions, so I really vibe with what Charlie has said about her little brother because that is how I felt about him at the start of the comic but I love where the story and his character went <3 also bonus points for Lucian going MOOORE with the icing 😀 the art is gorgeous

    I also adore the face Lucian makes in the second to last panel, it's super cute

    1. Glad you think Lucian still acts his age somehow 😀 I know he’s not very realistic but this contrast is very fun to write so I’m happy you like him!

  3. I’m really happy for this website, I love this comic a lot,I’ve been reading it for years

    1. Thank youuu!

  4. i understand her pain with this one

  5. Actually you can substitute eggs with blood, because they have pretty similar proteins.

    1. I’m all for making culinary experiment but that’s one theory I’m not willing to try out 😀

  6. Somebody take her to a doctor for checkup 🙁 Also, bloodcake is a thing, though usually it is cow or pig blood

  7. If Charlie bleeds alot when they get cuts, that can be a sign of a blood disorder…

    Also, this is why it’s useful to have food prep gloves around.

    1. my first thought was hemophilia, but it’s probably not THAT serious, right? RIGHT?! *frantically shakes Marvin*

      1. Nah, it’s mostly a combo of a weak constitution and very strong bad luck, she’s okay 🙂

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