I thought I was so clever when I called the bag "happeanuts" but it turned out this brand actually exists. Ah, well.

ps : got another new fanart, you guys spoil me these days! Thanks Lumose! (to see it in higher quality, drop by the fan-gallery!)


15 thoughts on “CHAPTER 19. P35

  1. I stopped using Tapas and subsequently lost all of the webcomics that I was reading until I woke up on day in cold sweat with a vague memory of this story. I am so glad that I found it again and that it’s still going on strong (also that it has its own site that looks super awesome and is reader-friendly)!

    1. Ahah, never thought my story would one day be sweat inducing :DDD Welcome back!

  2. aww look at Lucian pushing Jonathan to leave his tiny little comfort zone
    also the joke on Lucian’s shirt remains evergreen

    1. er, JAMES 😓

  3. 3rd panel Jonathan’s eye looks so pretty~ I wish my lashes were even half as elegant

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