Don't question it, James.

ps : once again, new fanart! By Lucas.canvas this time (you can see the timelapse on their insta)

Visit the fan-gallery to see it in a bigger size!

22 thoughts on “CHAPTER 19. P36

  1. I was wondering, I know it’s been brought up before but I wanted to ask.. Does Lucien forget Charlie is his sister? Also I really love this comic and all the effort that’s been put into it! It’s one of my favorites and I love the artwork and characters! 🙂

    1. Yeah, he tends to forget half the time, especially since everyone keeps addressing her as a boy. But the other half, who knows if he’s trolling or thinking he’s protecting her “secret” or something :p

  2. Bruh! They playing with him 😂

  3. I know this is a cute moment but I’m so impatient… when will James find out the truth?! What will be his reaction?! I need to knowww

    1. You… might have to wait a bit more…. -_-

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