These eyes have seen things.

11 thoughts on “CHAPTER 20. P06

  1. Imagine they met up with James and he’s also dressed as a vampire. Then him and Charlie unknowingly have matching costumes.

  2. I wonder how Lucian is going to react when he sees Lisa. Will there be any fear at the authenticity of the zombie makeup, or will their be jealousy that he does not look equally ghoulish?

  3. Love when Charlie has girly/feminine ticks like how she tucks her hair behind her ear

  4. Lol did Louis also underestimate Lisa as he did Charlie? Learning new things? XD also, six hours….lol Lisa and Louis’s eyes

    1. Despite what he likes to think, he’s not all knowing 😀

  5. For Halloween I’m dressed as my neighbor 😭

  6. The difference between the two of them is hilarious lol… love this comic like a lot!! I could eat the art style. Main meal. Edible.

  7. Man that’s dedication

  8. Louis is amazing

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