Surprise update cause it's my birthday month :)

35 thoughts on “CHAPTER 19. P32

  1. Happy birthday!! I hope it is/was an amazing one ✨

  2. Happy late Birthday, Marvin! 🎉

    Thank you for 3-4 years? Of this comic! You always make the start of the next month just a little bit brighter! Hope you have a great birthday week!

  3. Happy bday!!!!! Thank you so so soooo much for this beautiful comic! It is one of my favs

  4. Happy Birthday!!! 🎂

  5. Happy Birthday, whenever it is!!!!!

  6. Happy birthday Marvin!

  7. Sorry this is a bit late but happy birthday

  8. Happy Birthday!!! It’s my birthday month too!

    1. Thank you! Happy birthday to you too!!

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