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My dad is a box,
A name on its side,
Tucked under the bed,
To hold and to hide,
In magnets stuck,
2 plates turned 3,
Shoes caked in muck,
And crayon imagery.


Easier saying “he’s out at the store”
Cause the thing about groceries?
Is there’s always more.
So just trust the magnets,
Slippers on the floor,
With the air of regrets,
That weren’t there before,
In the photos of faces,
Hung up on the fridge,
As if it replaces,
The truth we abridge.


My dad is a box
A name on its side
Tucked under the bed
To hold and to hide


Our father’s a memory,
Clinging till it dies,
Faltering fading worn out ink,


Dripping Before our eyes.

Charlie’s theme


A series of oneshots taking place in the universe of Humor Me and centered around diverse characters and different timestamps.

– 9 chapters – published : April 2021 – last updated : March 2024


1- Birthday Candles & Realization

Lucian’s 5th birthday seen through James’s eyes (who seems more focused on Charlie than on the birthday boy)



2- Park Swings & Still Moments

Charlie James and Lucian chilling at the park, from Charlie’s POV.



3- Bread Heals All

James is sort of wallowing in misery over being a jerk and not having a chance with Charlie. Direct continuation of “Birthday Candles & Realization”



4- File Name : Charlie Summers

Lovesick James facing a photography artblock and deciding that thinking of Charlie is the best way to overcome it.



5- Someday My Prince Will Come

Miss Penny meets Prof Collins at her favourite bookstore.



6- Fairies Do Exist, Huh?

Prof Collins walks into a bookstore and meets Miss Penny



7- Coffee Shop AU

An AU where James is an annoying regular at Isaac’s butler cafe, and Charlie is the annoyed server.



8- Panic! All Over Paris

Charlie doesn’t know how to act around James anymore. (Direct continuation of “Park Swings & Still Moments”)



9- WTF Louis

“You don’t need a grand plan to heckle the ones you love. You can annoy them through the little things you do everyday.”

Non-chronological and short one shots.

– 5 chapters – published : Dec 2022 – last updated : April 2023


1- AC

“I’m beginning to think you guys are just using me for my AC.”


2- In your shoes

All she wanted was to do her homework in peace.


3- Names

Despite James’ best efforts, Charlie still rarely, if ever, used his actual name.


4- Retake

Charlie can’t think of anyone to look after Lucian while she is retaking her test.


5- Spiderman & Cat

Where Charlie might be Spiderman and there’s a cat in Louis’s bag.

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    1. I know, everyone is so talented here!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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